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Robyn Beattie photo Portion Nov Butterfly

November Butterfly Launches in Occidental: Poetry, Poetry Movies, Art and Music

THE POETRY November Butterfly Book Launch, Movie Screening, Art Show and Book Signing will be  hosted by the Occidental Center for the Arts this Sunday March 29th from 3-5 pm. OCA is located at 3850 Doris Murphy Court, at the corner of Bohemian Hwy and Graton Rd. and is wheelchair accessible. For more info, call 707-874-9392 November Butterfly was published in November of 2014 by Saddle Road Press. (Cover photo by Robyn Beattie. Cover Design, Don Mitchell, Saddle Road Press.) THE POETRY MOVIES and ART The afternoon features a poetry reading based on the poems in November Butterfly and accompanying poetry movie screenings for Mordred's Dream (originally published by Poetry Flash), Corridor, Thumbelina (originally published by the NonBinary Review / Zoetic Press and a finalist for Sundress Publication's Best of the Net Award in the category of poetry) and Amelia (awarded Juror’s Best of Show at the 2012 2D/3D visual poetry show held at the LH Horton Jr Gallery ... more

Robyn's Star Seed from Fool Satchel

Shadow Bags, Joan Swift’s Dark Path of Our Names, and Mentor Dolls on #LivetheQuest 2015

"Of all the writers I know, Joan Swift is surely one of the best at transforming reverses into poems of astonishing beauty and strength. Her particular blend of memory, imagination, feeling, and intellect creates an alchemy that changes the base metal of experience into gold." Madeline DeFrees, Ploughshares, on The Tiger Iris by Joan Swift (quoted on Swift’s website) Standing in the shadow of my shadow bag is a girl with coins falling out of her hair. She lives inside of a burning house, inside the walls, stashed with enough gold to fund a kingdom. I drew this image based on a December dream I’d had long ago. I sat coloring in a kitchen, listening to friends talk one New Year’s Eve. I’d just graduated from UC Davis and stood poised to put in motion my lifelong dream of leaving for the heartland to study with other poets. In the night-time dream, firemen were abundantly present; ... more

tania's noir fool fairytale portion

Trusting the Noir Fairytale on Tracking Wonder’s #LivetheQuest

What burning question of possibility will influence what and how you create in the next 3 months? If you’d like to join us on this living quest, here’s a link where you can read about what us questers on #Quest2015, now #LivetheQuest, are up to. When you sign up, you’ll be in the loop to join us. Read more about our guide, Jeffrey Davis of Tracking Wonder here. As I engage the Major Arcana of the Tarot, stepping in to meet the first six (Fool to Hierophant) at their borders along with my writing students in this January’s Wheel of Archetypal Selves course I’m teaching, and in keeping with a new habit of answering the prompts of Tracking Wonder’s #Quest2015 in color, I started with a circle on a blank page. Cipher, zero, for The Fool, starting over in the New Year. Then the urge to give that zero color, and it quickly became zero ... more

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Self Realization Coy

Poetry Play: A Tour of the Forms in Person with San Diego Writers, Ink

Do you haiku? Every written a haibun, aubade, or villanelle? Want to try your hand at ... more

Hanged One and Star

Wheel of Archetypal Selves: Hanged One to Star On-line with SCN

May 2015: Wheel of Archetypal Selves, From Hanged One to Star (The Major Arcana from XII ... more

Wheel of Archetyapl Selves 2 Lovers to Strength

Wheel of Archetypal Selves: Lovers to Strength On-line with SCN

  March 2015: Wheel of Archetypal Selves, From Lovers to Strength (The Major Arcana from VI to ... more

Luna on the Wheel

Tarot Writing: Wheel of Archetypal Selves On-line with SCN

January 2015: Wheel of Archetypal Selves, From Fool to Visionary (The Major Arcana from 0 to ... more