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Abalone Blossoms Robyn Beattie

Tarot Tuesday: Shifting Perceptions of Brokenness and a Three of Wands Writing Prompt

“Balance within my domain” (Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols) is how I experienced and lived my Two of Wands week (writing prompt for Two of Wands here). My dear friend Mary Allen visited last week from the heartland, so though I chose not to blog that day (thus the week’s hiatus), I was actively living my Tarot path on Tarot Tuesday: we threw cards in person in support of our blog, Tarot for Two. It was such a delight after the years we have spent reading for one another over the phone. Because of the long trajectory of our friendship, Mary has witnessed my various cycles of upheavals and it was a pure joy to have her visit during a peaceful cycle where the rewards of years of hard work have paid off. We were able to bring her into our bright home, introduce her to our ... more

the blue wand

Tarot Tuesday: Tree Eyes, Growth Rings, and a Two of Wands Writing Prompt

When Robyn sends me this image of sunlight falling across a glass chess set this week, I fit it right into context as a manifestation of the Ace of Wands…Isn’t our sun the brightest example of the Ace of Wands? Here she is, her light falling against the chess pieces on a board, just as her light falls on all of us playing out our destinies so far below on Earth…absorbing the sunlight into our cells so that we can gather the strength to move, to play, to rest, to thrive. Nor could I help but see multiple versions of the Ace of Wands in these tree trunk ends, all in a row. Taken singly, they stare up at me as eyes surrounded by growth rings. Taken as a group, each shorn trunk end so varied from the one beside it, I see humanity at large; how unique our particular patterns of growing and learning ... more

Blue Air Globes Robyn Beattie

Tarot Tuesday: Sky Omens and an Ace of Wands Writing Prompt

Pelvic cradle cloud-- Aunt, Sister, Matriarch’s love Holds us when earth can’t. While on writing retreat at Sea Ranch, I had a generational family experience (Ten of Disks) that proved to me that regardless of physical separation, families stay closely attuned and communicate inexplicably with one another. Though I was aware that an aunt of mine had been ill for some time, I was in “retreat bubble,” resting, writing, and catching up with the eight writers that make up the Flamingos. One afternoon as I floated in the hot tub, ears below the water line, breathing peacefully, I felt a distinct tug in my chest. I began to cry without knowing why. As soon as I let go--stopped trying to figure it out--and allowed the tears to slip into the water, I began to focus instead on the vibrant blue sky above the ocean. I honed in on one large cloud directly overhead that looked like ... more

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Beattie Butterfly

First Tuesdays: Themed Monthly Poetry Workshop SDWI

While the poetry we write starts as a conversation with the Self, it inevitably becomes a ... more

Transition in Blue Robyn Beattie

Wheel of Archetypal Selves: The Many Faces of Change

In this on-line Tarot Writing course, we will explore Tarot’s many faces of Change, from Public ... more

green angel eye Robyn Beattie

Wheel of Archetypal Selves: The Many Faces of Love

February 15, 2016: Wheel of Archetypal Selves: The Many Faces of Love In this on-line Tarot Writing ... more

Letter Press Letters Robyn Beattie

Submission Sunday: Salvage Your December, in Person at San Diego Writers, Ink

Most writers I know are pretty grumpy around holiday time—don’t get me wrong—we love our friends ... more