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Transformative Blogging

Warthog ear Robyn Beattie

The Kiln Has a Vote: Creativity and Risk with Robyn Beattie

[caption id="attachment_1565" align="alignleft" width="225"] Kiln Window by Robyn Beattie[/caption] I know that the secret conversation between the fire and my work will get told eventually, when the door is finally opened... -- Robyn Beattie To illustrate the transformative nature of revealing secrets in Writing and the Public/Private Line: What Will the Family Think? (up this week at Mother, Writer, Mentor) I chose two versions of one of my long time photographer/poetry collaborator Robyn Beattie’s images to accompany the post--mostly for love of the little window of light, the tiny buttons, the dripping seam. It felt dark, fertile, and fairytale. Robyn's images have long accompanied posts at Feral Mom, Feral Writer, have been part of static poem/image collaboration (Ananda's Line), and formed the beautiful spine of our poetry movies. Since relocating to San Diego, I have missed working with her in person but we manage to continue to work together continually online. Robyn wrote to me this ... more

Vibrant Words by Erica Goss

Fairy Tales, Facebook, and Poetry Prompts with Guest Blogger Erica Goss

Erica Goss writes a video poetry column, The Third Form, for Connotation Press (something I discovered not too long ago when I was foraging for video poetry sites).  Her new book, Vibrant Words: Ideas and Inspirations for Poets, is a collection of writing prompts that wrote itself in part online, prompt by prompt, on a Facebook page. Here’s the story of the book’s genesis, a look at the advantages of working with a small press, and an excerpt from a chapter titled, “Fairy Tales.” When I became Poet Laureate of Los Gatos, a small town in Northern California’s Silicon Valley, I began posting poetry writing prompts every Friday on the Los Gatos Poet Laureate Facebook page. Some were more successful than others – for example, my prompt to “write a poem in the voice of someone twice your age” elicited wry comments from individuals who stated that they would be writing in the ... more

Artwork by Genevieve Barnhart

First Poetry Book Publication, Reckoning with Exposure, and Astral Rubbernecking

The My Writing Process Blog Tour is spiraling through the blogosphere, offering the inspirational Mother lode on process specifics for those of us between writing groups, classes, or retreats. Pull us up on Twitter using #MyWritingProcess to see multiple answers to four simple questions: What are you working on? How does your work differ from others of its genre? Why do you write what you write? How does your writing process work? No sooner had I added “blog tour” as part of my to-do list for this fall’s poetry book promotion than appeared Marilyn Bousquin’s invitation to join the tour. I first met Marilyn at She Writes; over the years I enjoyed the warmth and pith of her comments so much that I signed up for her newsletter at Writing Women’s Lives where she mentors women writers. I love her site’s tagline: Your writing. Your story. Your life. Where craft meets consciousness. Marilyn nails the ... more

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Blue Butterfly on blue backdrop with pearls and square clear beads

Intermediate Blogging: In Person with San Diego Writers, Ink

Your blog is up and running or the one you’ve been considering is nearing launch. Join ... more

Butterfly on orange wall dripping blue beads

Beginning Blogging: On-Line with Story Circle Network

Two out of five of your friends have started a blog. Why? Should you be blogging ... more

Tania Pryputniewicz

Poetry Play: A Tour Through the Forms

Do you haiku? Ever written a haibun, aubade, or epistolary poem? Want to try your hand ... more

tarot books image

Exploring the Minor Mentors of Tarot: A Tour Through The Suits

Approaching the tarot from a relaxed, inspirational point of view, we will explore what the images ... more