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Beattie & Pryputniewicz Thumbelina November Butterfly

Thumbelina Weighs Her Options: November Butterfly Poetry Prompt 8

 I’m surprised to find, in writing the poem, that girl, mother, and flower coexist in the imagination alongside an innocence I thought lost, beside a self I thought irreparably fractured.  Thumbelina: Innocence Found (Feral Mom, Feral Writer) Today’s prompts are based on the poem Thumbelina, originally published by The NonBinary Review in Issue #1, Grimm’s Fairytales (available as a free Zoetic Press app on iTunes and forthcoming in November Butterfly, Saddle Road Press). The poem speaks from the point of view of Thumbelina addressing her mother, questioning the riddle of their shared fate. Today’s Prompts Read a version of the original Hans Christian Andersen Thumbelina here at East of the web. Make a list of all of the characters, peripheral as well as central. Write a poem from the point of view of the Toad mother, Toad son, cockchafer, field mouse, butterfly tethered to leaf, swallow in the tunnel, or any other character appearing in the poem. Thumbelina ushers us into ... more

Beattie & Pryputniewicz November Butterfly Lady Diana

She Dressed in a Hurry, for Lady Diana: November Butterfly Prompt 7

Maureen’s husband—just like mine would have done--drifted into the bedroom once or twice, apologizing profusely, looking for a raincoat, a hat, and yet the poem held on, more or less down on the page by the end of the two hours, born amidst the sounds of living, as so much of a mother’s writing is....laptop in the kitchen, steam from the lentils on the stove wreathing the ceiling, the steady corrugated roll of scooters and tricycles on the deck outside. (She Dressed in a Hurry Live at Salome Magazine, Feral Mom, Feral Writer) Today’s prompts are based on the elegy for Lady Diana, She Dressed in a Hurry (originally published at Salome Magazine and forthcoming in November Butterfly, November 1, 2014 from Saddle Road Press). The quote above celebrates the circumstances of arriving at the finished poem in a borrowed writing space back in 2009. Today’s prompts: Write about a space you borrowed in which ... more

Beattie & Pryputniewicz Lolita November Butterfly

Nabokov: Lolita wake! November Butterfly Poetry Prompt 6

In the poem Nabakov (forthcoming in November Butterfly, Saddle Road Press, November 1, 2014), Prufrock from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, Nabakov’s Lolita, Sky Chief’s Daughter from the Trickster Tale Raven and Gretl from the fairtyale Hansel and Gretl converge. Today’s prompt: Make a list of names of favorite characters from poems, novels, fairytales, and trickster tales. Cut up your list, one name per slip, and put all the names into a hat. Or choose your own favorite genres—science fiction, graphic novels, who-dunnits, etc. Just make sure you have a variety of genres represented. Select four names from the hat (keep picking until you have four genres represented) and write a poem in which the four characters converge.  A line in the poem Nabakov refers to the internal Gretl inside of each one of us: “Which Gretl choose years later follow us home.” When and where in your life have you lived your ... more

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Paper Dolls Robyn Beattie

Nov 10 Sonoma County Writing Workshop & Book Launch: Coffee Catz

What story have you kept in the cocoon? What would happen if you wrote it out, just for ... more

small jpg November Butterfly

Nov 1 SDWI Workshop & Book Launch, Writing Past Fear: Free Your Butterfly

What story have you kept in the cocoon? What would happen if you wrote it out, just ... more

Blue Butterfly on blue backdrop with pearls and square clear beads

Intermediate Blogging: In Person with San Diego Writers, Ink

Your blog is up and running or the one you’ve been considering is nearing launch. Join ... more

Butterfly on orange wall dripping blue beads

Beginning Blogging: On-Line with Story Circle Network

Two out of five of your friends have started a blog. Why? Should you be blogging ... more