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Nautilus Divine Robyn Beattie

Tarot Tuesday: The Three of Disks, or Art for All

Nautilus help me Love both spiral to and from My changing children If you have more than one Tarot Deck, I’m sure you can relate to having favorite depictions of certain cards for certain times in your life. Before I raised children, the Thoth deck Two of Disks “spoke to me” and in fact, “spoke to my cat” enough to elicit his response to the snake in the card: My Cat, My Familiar: Manifesting Totems. I love the figure eight the crowned snake in the Thoth deck makes; I recognized in Robyn’s divine nautilus a similar palette of pale violets and golds. Both mobius and spiral patterns of motion invite me to be peaceful no matter where I am in the day between dusk and dawn, between thinking and being, between head and body. I love the pattern in this image: increments of time, chambers of memory, a visible structure of growth. Having spent the last fifteen ... more

Sea Disk Robyn Beattie

Tarot Tuesday: The Two of Disks, or the Unconscious Juggler

Sea mercurial Bevels jade, then bevels blue Hummingbird’s palette.   Rainbows are still following me, haunting me, like the little rainbow appearing on my bedroom wall the other day; I never did find its source. I’m so in love lately with light, especially the ethereal mercurial quality of light shifting on the ocean’s surface when I walk the dog at dawn. Is this really an Ace of Disks Haiku (see last week's prompt)? Should it really be an Ace of Cups Haiku? Here’s the thing: I wasn’t feeling the ocean’s colors as a heart metaphor (Ace of Cups), I was busy receiving the colors, both those in the sky and those reflected on the water—a spectrum of light I didn’t even know my body craved till I was filled, incandescent with joy. Can our bodies be a manifestation of the Ace of Disks? Think of the disk sitting in the hand bursting through the cloud. Our hands hold ... more

Ace of Disks Robyn Beattie

Tarot Tuesday: The Ace of Disks, or The Gift of Preparing to Receive

Dusk rain on oil slick Heavens the street at our feet. Which sky hosts, you, me? All of last week I held the Rider Waite Smith Ten of Cups image in my mind, that sunny, happy image of a young couple with arms upraised, children linked in centrifugal spin of dance, ten full cups arranged along rainbow’s arc in the sky. Foraging for today’s Haiku in the week’s lived imagery, I find a night version of the Ten of Cups (see last week’s prompt). One rainy evening this week, sated with work, my husband fell asleep early leaving an eager Husky prancing at my feet. I kissed my husband, donned a jacket and headed out into mistfall to circle the Bay. Within seconds, I heard the shrilling of the rusted gate we leave unfixed as an incoming/outgoing warning system. In sweatshirts and jeans, my two boys raced towards me, barefoot, to jostle for first hug as ... more

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Transition in Blue Robyn Beattie

Wheel of Archetypal Selves: The Many Faces of Change

In this on-line Tarot Writing course, we will explore Tarot’s many faces of Change, from Public ... more

green angel eye Robyn Beattie

Wheel of Archetypal Selves: The Many Faces of Love

February 15, 2016: Wheel of Archetypal Selves: The Many Faces of Love In this on-line Tarot Writing ... more

Letter Press Letters Robyn Beattie

Submission Sunday: Salvage Your December, in Person at San Diego Writers, Ink

Most writers I know are pretty grumpy around holiday time—don’t get me wrong—we love our friends ... more

Robyn Beattie Peacock Tail

Poetry Play: A Tour of the Forms, in Person at San Diego Writers, Ink

Do you haiku? Every written a haibun, aubade, or villanelle? Want to try your hand at ... more