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Art Tarot X Adventure

The Art Tarot: A Deck Makers Interview with Art Lande

Editor’s Note: Today’s notes are from a beautiful conversation with Art Lande, Grammy-nominated and internationally known pianist, composer, improviser, drummer and educator. Lande is also the maker of the Art Tarot, a deck he created with artist Micheal Wojczuk and designed with artist Chuck Ceraso (published in 2011). The Art Tarot came to into my life through the hands of my musician father Stephen Pryputniewicz whose life intersected with Lande’s for many years at a Jazz Camp in California. Knowing my love for the Tarot and unbridled enthusiasm for collaboration, my father came home from camp one year with the deck. Text on the deck’s box reads: The Art Tarot is a tool for self-reflection and awareness. Depicting energies rather than personalities, these cards bring the ancient system forward into modern times, replacing the medieval figures and language with designs and words which speak to our 21st century lives. The cards can help ... more

Frost Rose by Robyn Beattie

Why I Quest: A Fall Gratitude Post

When I was a sprinter, my sixth grade coach nicknamed me the silver bullet. Having lived the body metaphor, I recognize if you run a race at someone else’s pace, you risk burning through reserves and finding yourself without a kick at the end to surge ahead to win. But motherhood–and fatherhood–call for other metaphors. How does a mother at the helm write or create and feel good about the time she’s invested to run or win her artistic race if it comes at the expense of the children or harmony in the home? I venture to guess the clock of motherhood is different; crossing the finish line means crossing with children. --from Tarot Visioning on Quest 2016: Prompt 11 with Todd Henry What Drew Me to Quest I first joined Tracking Wonder’s Quest in December of 2014, pulled into the world of questions and the invitation to blog my way into an understanding of what I ... more


Rachel Pollack: The Deck Makers Interview Series

Editor's Note: How does one introduce world-renowned Tarot deck maker, scholar, writer, artist, and collaborator Rachel Pollack? With unbridled joy, deep respect, and gratitude for her years of contributions to the Tarot world. Pollack has authored 37 fiction and non-fiction books; her work has been translated into 15 different languages. Like countless other Tarot enthusiasts, I fell in love with Pollack's 78 Degrees of Wisdom (nineteen years ago now) and still use it today with my Tarot students. In today's interview, Pollack addresses her creative process--singly and in collaboration--for the making of prior decks (Shining Tribe, Vertigo, Burning Serpent Oracle) as well as forthcoming work (Raziel Tarot--The Secret Teachings of Adam and Eve). Rachel Pollack: The Deck Makers Interview Series Which Tarot deck/s did you make and why?  The only deck I have made completely is the Shining Tribe deck.  I co-designed (with the writer Neil Gaiman and two others) the Vertigo Tarot, but did none ... more

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March 2013 T's Iphone pix 3754

Poetry Draft, Craft, Submit!

Ready to stop hiding? Get your poetry out there? In this class, in addition to weekly ... more

No Name Bird of Dream Quest 2016

Entering the Tarot Garden: An Introduction to Tarot

Entering the Tarot Garden: An Introduction to Tarot   Do you have an interest in learning about Tarot? ... more

Pryputniewicz Fool's Compass Heart Draft

Where Is The Love? A Virtual Writing Hearth

Are you overwhelmed living in the stress of the divisive and fractured state of affairs we ... more


Everyday Pilgrimages: Metaphors, Questions, and Omens

Everyday Pilgrimages: Metaphors, Questions, and Omens A Joint Poetry Workshop co-taught by Lisa Rizzo and Tania Pryputniewicz Saturday ... more