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Rachel Pollack


Rachel Pollack: The Deck Makers Interview Series

Editor's Note: How does one introduce world-renowned Tarot deck maker, scholar, writer, artist, and collaborator Rachel Pollack? With unbridled joy, deep respect, and gratitude for ...

Ace of Disks Robyn Beattie

Tarot Tuesday: The Ace of Disks, or The Gift of Preparing to Receive

Dusk rain on oil slick Heavens the street at our feet. Which sky hosts, you, me? All of last week I held the Rider Waite Smith Ten of ...

Griffith Observatory telescope

Tarot Tuesday: Rainbow Blessings, or the Ten of Cups

Spectral fingerprints Spiral nebulae, body, Our DNA bared This week, contemplating last week's Nine of Cups tarot writing prompt, I visited the Griffith Observatory high above Los Angeles, ...

Ron Rodgers photo by Robyn Beattie

Tarot Tuesday: The Fairy Godfather, or The Nine of Cups

I leave you sated Moon’s silver bounty—weightless— Pearling heart’s satchel So why might a pilgrim leave a bounty behind to travel a new path as we saw in ...