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Jeffrey Davis

Frost Rose by Robyn Beattie

Why I Quest: A Fall Gratitude Post

When I was a sprinter, my sixth grade coach nicknamed me the silver bullet. Having lived the body metaphor, I recognize if you run a ...

Lantern Quest 2016

Igniting the Heart Torus: Tarot Visioning with the Ace of Wands on Quest 2016

Quest 2016 continues with Jeffrey Davis. Here is an abridged version of the prompt Jeffrey asked us (join us for his full prompt and to ...

Quest 2016 Heart Tower 1

Tarot Visioning on Quest 2016: Prompt 7 with John Jantsch

Horizon Work with Visionary Jeffrey Davis This week on the private forum we use to “meet” on Quest 2016, in addition to bringing us a prompt ...

Heart Mind Body Quest 1

Tarot Visioning on Quest 2016: Prompt 1 with Susan Piver

During the month of December, I’m blogging to Tracking Wonder’s Quest 2016 prompts using the Tarot as a way to deepen my process of visioning ...

Winter Ginkgo Biloba Robyn Beattie

November Gratitudes and December Offerings

 The Gratitudes November marks the one-year anniversary of the publication of my first book of poetry, November Butterfly. I am deeply grateful to Ruth Thompson and ...

Robyn's Star Seed from Fool Satchel

Shadow Bags, Joan Swift’s Dark Path of Our Names, and Mentor Dolls on #LivetheQuest 2015

"Of all the writers I know, Joan Swift is surely one of the best at transforming reverses into poems of astonishing beauty and strength. Her ...

tania's noir fool fairytale portion

Trusting the Noir Fairytale on Tracking Wonder’s #LivetheQuest

What burning question of possibility will influence what and how you create in the next 3 months? If you’d like to join us on this living ...

walnut heart boat Robyn Beattie

A Nightmare, A Sky Boat, and Serendipity on Tracking Wonder #Quest2015

As I joined Tracking Wonder’s #Quest 2015 midway through, I’m answering, in mingled order, the challenging and stimulating prompts put to us by the thirteen ...

Phoenix Eggs 1

Phoenix Eggs in the House of My Father on Tracking Wonder #Quest2015

How could you make moments of joy a sacred priority in 2015?
 What forms will such moments take? 
Doodle, draw, photograph, or write your way ...

Blue Nautilus Robyn Beattie

Blogging & The Shadow Self: Windows of Opportunity with Tracking Wonder #Quest2015

I’ve rolled up my sleeves and joined the Tracking Wonder Vision Quest 2015 for the month of December, stepping midstream into a beautiful group of questers ...

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