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Beattie & Pryputniewicz Guinevere's Corridor November Butterfly

The Corridor, Guinevere: November Butterfly Prompt 13

Today’s prompts were inspired by the Guinevere’s Camelot section of November Butterfly (Saddle Road Press, 2014). While the Section II poems speak primarily from Guinevere’s ...

Mordred's Dream photo Robyn Beattie

Mordred’s Dream: November Butterfly Prompt 12

Today’s prompts were inspired in part by a series of poems featuring Guinevere’s Camelot, published in November Butterfly (Saddle Road Press, 2014) and specifically by ...

Robyn Beattie photo Portion Nov Butterfly

November Butterfly Launches in Occidental: Poetry, Poetry Movies, Art and Music

THE POETRY November Butterfly Book Launch, Movie Screening, Art Show and Book Signing will be  hosted by the Occidental Center for the Arts this Sunday March ...

Artwork by Genevieve Barnhart

First Poetry Book Publication, Reckoning with Exposure, and Astral Rubbernecking

The My Writing Process Blog Tour is spiraling through the blogosphere, offering the inspirational Mother lode on process specifics for those of us between writing groups, ...