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Ace of Wands

the blue wand

Tarot Tuesday: Tree Eyes, Growth Rings, and a Two of Wands Writing Prompt

When Robyn sends me this image of sunlight falling across a glass chess set this week, I fit it right into context as a manifestation ...

Blue Air Globes Robyn Beattie

Tarot Tuesday: Sky Omens and an Ace of Wands Writing Prompt

Pelvic cradle cloud-- Aunt, Sister, Matriarch’s love Holds us when earth can’t. While on writing retreat at Sea Ranch, I had a generational family experience (Ten of Disks) ...

Quest 2016 Tools and Allies

Tarot Visioning with the Ace of Wands on Quest 2016

Living the Quest, The Ace of Wands begins to appear past the borders of the Tarot cards and past the rainbow of colored pencils on ...

No Failure Angel

Tarot Visioning on Quest 2016: Prompt 3 with Debbie Millman

Quest 2016 continues with a prompt by author, educator, brand strategist and graphic designer Debbie Millman. You’ll find podcasts of interviews with an amazing array ...