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Tarot for Two with Mary Allen and Tania Pryputniewicz

Tarot Hands Extended Robyn Beattie La PosadaVisit Tarot for Two, a blog I started in 2015 with writer Mary Allen. Here’s an excerpt from our blog’s overview:

We are two writers who have been throwing the cards for each other for over twenty years.  

Because we now live in separate regions of the country – Mary in Iowa and Tania in California – we do tarot long distance (see our introductions for details about how we do that).  

At the end of our monthly tarot sessions we each pick a card to keep close by during the coming month, and the next time we meet we write (at the same time, for half an hour — again, see our introductions) about what the card had to do with the month we just went through.  

The results have been fascinating, to say the least.  We’re sharing them with you in the hopes that what the cards have said to us about specific events and moments in our lives will spark your own insights into the cards, help you use the cards to illuminate your own daily life, and maybe even inspire you to create your own tarot for two practice with a friend.

Read our posts here at Tarot for Two.

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