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Tarot Visioning on Quest 2016: Prompt 7 with John Jantsch

Quest 2016 Heart Light TowerHorizon Work with Visionary Jeffrey Davis

This week on the private forum we use to “meet” on Quest 2016, in addition to bringing us a prompt by author and  marketing expert John Jantsch, Jeffrey Davis offered us a beautiful visualization exercise about choosing a horizon towards which we might play with honing in on future goals (join us here for the full exercise).

I’m a girl of threes so I chose three horizons or sky anchors. First: the Pt. Loma Lighthouse as a symbol for the way I’d love for my poetry and Tarot Teaching to travel out across the sea, not just to the states, but to hearts I’ve come to know and love in other countries and those I have yet to meet.

The second horizon I chose was the patch of sky past the curve of blue bridge and above the airport where the airplanes take off as a symbol for the down time I need from the intensity of motherhood to visit and be with other writing mothers and members of my heart tribe. As I go about my errands to and from, every time I see an airplane taking off I will keep in mind these retreats.

The third horizon I chose is made up of the mountains marking the entrance to the desert in the direction of the Grand Canyon, a place I wish to return to hike with my children, a reminder of my desire to stay in present time with my family.

Today’s drawing in-process is a synthesis of those three horizons, a heart’s light tower.

Tuesday’s Visionary: John Jantsch

Our assigned visionary for today is author John Jantsch, who asked questers to consider:

What can you stop doing in 2016 such that it would allow you to focus on higher payoff activities?

This was very easy to answer: Stop hiding.

The insight for this two word answer came in part from a realization, or recognition, I had while reading fellow Quester Ginny Lee Taylor’s post, “What’s Knocking” about ways in which survivors tend to hold themselves back from engaging in the world. I chose to look at three areas in my life to see what the cards had to say about how coming out of hiding would yield a higher payoff, which I interpreted not only as financial return, but emotional return.

Quest 2016 Heart Tower 1Today’s Tarot Layout

The Payoff When I Stop Hiding In Marriage: The Aeon

So here’s that Aeon card again. It fell before in my last post where I wrote about the Egyptian imagery of the Thoth version. Here, I thought about the Rider Waite image of the folks coaxed out of their slumber between lives by the trumpet of a presiding angel. I like this idea of marriage as a rebirth, a perpetual opportunity to come back from states of habitual relating or paralysis. Marriage promises this “outside of time” kind of love that it seems we earn year by year, a little at a time. Maybe this card is saying I can risk loving more again.

The Payoff When I Stop Hiding in My Role as a Mother: The Fool

Here as I step into parenting my one teen (and her siblings in the wings fast approaching that stage as well), one possible  message is that the sooner I relinquish false illusions of control, or my desire to parent “perfectly,” the sooner I’ll be free to “reset” and start over with joy. There’s likely no right way to do this, and the sooner I can accept that in the eyes of my children I will often appear a fool, the sooner I can stop feeling like a failure as a parent.

Also, the nudge here seems to be saying, remember that even as you mother, you are all of your other selves, so don’t tuck the other selves so far away that you can’t come out to play. The opportunity prevails for perpetual adventure, not the drudgery of always “being in charge.”

The Payoff When I Stop Hiding in my Writing/Teaching: Prince of Swords

Well, this guy looks bent on making his way through the thicket in front of him. He’s feral, he’s muscular, he’s focused, he’s got the tools at hand, he’s got minions, and he’s got a chariot at his disposal. I guess it’s time to unleash that Green Prince. If anyone, he’ll be the one with an action plan for coming out of hiding in a way that will lead to greater financial payoff to offset years of habitual giving across fronts.

More about John Jantsch, author of today’s prompt for Tracking Wonder:

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing (Thomas Nelson 2011), Duct Tape Selling (Portfolio 2014), The Commitment Engine (Portfolio 2012), and The Referral Engine (Portfolio 2010) and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. You can follow him on Twitter: @ducttape

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