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Rachel Pollack: The Deck Makers Interview Series

Editor's Note: How does one introduce world-renowned Tarot deck maker, scholar, writer, artist, and collaborator Rachel Pollack? With unbridled joy, deep respect, and gratitude for ...

Plath Tarot BEFORE

The Poet Tarot: A Deck Makers Interview with Two Sylvias Press

Editor's Note:  When I started teaching Tarot deck making classes this year, I couldn't wait to interview other deck makers so all of us could ...

Tania 2016 Ace of Disks

Tarot Dreamers: Make Your Tarot Deck, The High Priestess

Tarot Dreamers: Make Your Tarot Deck Course 2: The High Priestess and Her Gifts I’m so proud and pleased to continue to offer Tarot Deck ...