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Beattie & Pryputniewicz Nefertiti November Butterfly

Nefertiti on the Astral: November Butterfly Prompt 11

We had some eerie moments when the wire of the mic became somehow attenuated (overheated?) during the recording of a second poem (Nefertiti on the ...

Butterfly on orange wall dripping blue beads

Beginning Blogging: In Person with San Diego Writers, Ink

January 2015 Beginning Blogging: Two out of five of your friends have started a blog. Why? Should you be blogging too? This gentle, supportive course ...

Beattie and Pryputniewicz, Inquisition, November Butterfly

Jeanne d’Arc, or It Goes On Still Inside Certain Girls: November Butterfly Poetry Prompt 10

“No excuse to hide, or your daughter will,” is a line I cut (for its baldness) and then kept splicing back in to a Joan of ...