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Frost Rose by Robyn Beattie

Why I Quest: A Fall Gratitude Post

When I was a sprinter, my sixth grade coach nicknamed me the silver bullet. Having lived the body metaphor, I recognize if you run a ...

Seed Hands Robyn Beattie

How to Deepen Your Study of the Tarot: Fall Resources from Wheel of Archetypal Selves

Tarot cards provide us with a cast of characters through the court Cards, a cast of Soul Selves through the Major Arcana cards, and a ...

rooms of heaven

Inquiry Posts, Chaucer, and Blogger as Pilgrim

Divination by oracle was used in ancient times to test the ‘luck’ of an enterprise, such as a voyage over unknown and perilous seas. Introduction ...

Tarot Hands Extended Robyn Beattie La Posada

Tarot for Two with Mary Allen and Tania Pryputniewicz

Visit Tarot for Two, a blog I started in 2015 with writer Mary Allen. Here's an excerpt from our blog's overview: We are two writers who ...