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grey and white wing, feathers Blood-wing blackbird,
deserting again the nest

of spice, to burn,
in the circle of my domain:

the open miles of sky,
my body—and edges

of a stranger’s forged

at the cusp of dawn,
valves sweetening….


Amelia, the photo poem montage, and full text of poem originally appeared at V’s place, a blog by E. Victoria Flynn. I wrote a bit about the process of making this montage with Robyn Beattie’s gorgeous photos here on my blog at Feral Mom, Feral Writer. On guitar, with his original score, Michael Greenberg;  poem read by Lori O’Hara.

Also features the artwork of Loreen Barry and the sculpture (and shadow of sculpture) by Monty Monty.








Poetry Forthcoming At Stone Canoe

The Rescue of Ophelia Painting by Christine DeCamp

Painting by Christine DeCamp

I’m pleased to announce the following poems forthcoming on-line at Stone Canoe: “Nefertiti Among  Us” and “Ophelia.” My photographer collaborator Robyn and I are working on a new photo poem montage to accompany “Nefertiti Among Us,” a companion photo poem montage to the existing, “Nefertiti on the Astral” which Prairie Wolf Press ran in its premiere issue last year (view here).

The poem “Ophelia” has its own collaborative roots and was inspired by painter Christine De Camp’s “Rescue of Ophelia.” The story of that cross-pollination can be read here at Feral Mom, Feral Writer. The poem will appear on Stone Canoe’s on-line site this winter.

In further synchronous cross-pollination, I’ve been at work on a tarot blog (set to launch later this spring). When I contacted Christine to tell her about “Ophelia’s” publication, she mentioned that she’s at work on a new series of Wild Spirit Wisdom Cards, and that coincidentally, she decided to use Ophelia for one of those cards.  I will be sure to let you know when I launch my new tarot blog. Christine’s “giving away” the cards one by one in her email newsletters, so if you’d like to sign up, visit her site here: Christine DeCamp.

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