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Robyn's Star Seed from Fool Satchel

Shadow Bags, Joan Swift’s Dark Path of Our Names, and Mentor Dolls on #LivetheQuest 2015

"Of all the writers I know, Joan Swift is surely one of the best at transforming reverses into poems of astonishing beauty and strength. Her ...

tania's noir fool fairytale portion

Trusting the Noir Fairytale on Tracking Wonder’s #LivetheQuest

What burning question of possibility will influence what and how you create in the next 3 months? If you’d like to join us on this living ...

tania's catalyst doodle, heart door ajar

A Phoenix SeaHorse and Heart Door Ajar on Tracking Wonder #Quest2015

Tracking Wonder #Quest2015, the visioning quest so carefully curated by Jeffrey Davis, moves today, here on January 1 into the living quest. Two final visioning ...