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Photo Poem Montage

Mummy Dreams Painting Michael Cookinham

Nefertiti Among Us

The TV’s neutral male voiceover covers what we love about Egypt and their pharaohs: house-sized rocks that formed the pyramids dropped in place without machine, sentries to ...

Di IMG_3038 2

Photo Poem Montages

In seeming counter-intuition to the usual process of listening to poetry and allowing each reader to supply his or her own internal imagery, I've been ...

blue and white glass with bubbles Robyn Beattie photo

She Dressed in a Hurry (for Lady Diana)

She dressed in a hurry  or perhaps never wore a slip. The photo the press loved: a girl in a skirt, distance between her thighs backlit ...

Nefertiti IMG_7101

Nefertiti on the Astral

Nefertiti on the Astral I did what I came to do. Dead, I have the luxury to know: the locus of power is not the body, though ...



Blood-wing blackbird, deserting again the nest of spice, to burn, in the circle of my domain: the open miles of sky, my body—and edges of a stranger’s ...